By 1946 a big series of receivers was worked out in the USSR which were then produced by different works and were noted for a great diversity of their construction and design. Among them there were both mass receivers with a few valves models "Moskvich" ,"Rekord" and expensive and complex radios - e.g. "Leningrad" and "Marshall". The quality and design of radios were improved considerably. The multi-tube receivers of those years can even now bring satisfaction to a schooled listener.

Listen to the music of those times:
V.Nechayev, R.Sikora, G.Abramov


"Komsomolets" crystal radio. 1940's.


"Rekord-47". Model 1947. Alexandrov Radio Works.


"Rekord" radiogramophone. Model 1949. Berdsk Radio Works.


"Rodina-47". Model 1947. Voronezh "Electrosignal" Works. Battery supply.


"Moskvich-B". Model 1946 (IV modification). Sarapoul Orjonikidze Works.


"Riga T-755". Model 1947. Riga Popov "Radiotechnika" Works.


"Minsk". Model 1946. Minsk Molotov Radio Works.



"Leningrad". Model 1946. Leningrad Kozitsky Works (I).
Model 1950 without preset tuning (II).


"Belarus". Model 1950. Minsk Radio Works.


"Marshall-M". Model 1940. Leningrad Radio Works.


"VEFSUPER M-557". Model 1946. Riga VEF Radio Works.