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New! Author's exposition in Karelian State Museum
Shellac Disk Faces, Radio Knobs
4NBS-6 radio, Thermogenerator TGK-3
More manuals
New digital photos - see slideshow 1,slideshow 2,slideshow 3

      Room 1. 1930's         Room 7. Broadcasting Receivers  
      Room 2. 1940's         Room 8. Record Players  
      Room 3. 1950's         Room 9. Portable Gramophones  
      Room 4. 1960's         Room 10. InfoCenter  
      Room 5. What's Abroad?         Room 11. Guestbook  
      Room 6. Miscellanea         Room 12."The Tube Souls" Club

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In this site some exhibits from the personal collection of V.V.Brousnikin were used.
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