The 1960's were marked by unification of schemes and design of receivers which was possibly because of introduction of economical technologies and making cheaper electronic components due to their mass production. The "smell of the epoch" began to disappear from the outlook of radios which was present in tough hand-assembled radios of the past years. Even the coming of FM band would not make people forget the "velvet sound" of the old monsters. The scheme of a 5-band receiver worked out in end 1950's was used in many models of typical design. So the quality was sacrificed to the price. The most interesting set of those years was the "Festival" which had a remote control of volume, tuning and band selection. The RC block was connected to the apparatus by a wire cable as thick as a finger. Those years became the time of decline of "musical cases" - the era of transistors was drawing near.

Listen to the music of those times:
T.Miansarova, O.Anofriev, M.Kristalinskaya


"Estonia 2" radiogramophone. Design 1959. Tallinn "Punane RET" Radio Works.


"Sirius M" radiogramophone. Design 1965. Izhevsk Radio Works.



"Efir" radiogramophone of 1963 make.
One of the not numerous class of table transistor models previous to working out of portable transistor radios.
Universal feeding - AC net and batteries.


"Minsk-61" radiogramophone. Model 1961. Minsk Radio Works.


"Gamma" radiogramophone with light effects. Model 1966.



"Sacta" radiogramophone. Model 1960. Riga Popov "Radiotechnika" Works.
First (I) and second (II) modification of the case.


"Latviya RN-59" radiogramophone. Model 1960. Riga VEF Radio Works.



"Rekord-60" radiogramophone (I). Model 1960. Berdsk Radio Works.
The modification without "magic eye" (II).


"Rekord-68-2" radiogramophone. Model 1968. Irkutsk Radio Works.


"Lux RK-156" radiogramophone. Design 1957. Riga VEF Radio Works.


"Minija-2" with tape recording block. Model 1963. Kaunas Radio Works.


"Festival". Design 1958. Riga Popov "Radiotechnika" Works.


"Belarus-59" radiogramophone. Model 1959. Minsk Radio Works.

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