The 1950's became "a golden age" of the Soviet valve radio. It was then the limit of relationship between the price and the quality of a home radio was reached. By the end of the decade the spreading of mini-tubes made it possible to decrease the weight of receivers. Though the "Mir" model 1952 receiver was working on good old octal tubes it still remains by wide opinion a champion of quality, stability and sensitivity among radios of those times. Radio manufacturers were competing in creating different schemes and cabinets, the latter being made of massive wood or good veneer.

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Nina Dorda, G.Velikanova , M.Samsonova


"Zvezda-54" ("Red Star-54"). Model 1954.


"Volna". Model 1957.


"Tourist". Model 1955. Riga VEF Works.



"ARZ-51". Model 1951. Alexandrov Radio Works (I). "ARZ-52". Model 1952. Murom RIP Works (II).


"Rodina-52". Model 1952. Voronezh "Electrosignal" Works. Battery supply.
The first Soviet radio with Noval tubes.


"Rodina-52M". Model 1953. Voronezh "Electrosignal" Works.


"Chaika" radiogramophone. II modification. Model 1958.


"Octyabr". Model 1957. Leningrad Metallic Works.


"Rekord-52". Model 1952. Berdsk Radio Works.


"Rekord-53". Model 1953. Berdsk Radio Works.



"Rekord-53" radiogramophone. Model 1953. Berdsk Radio Works (I). "Rekord-53" by Irkutsk Radio Works (II).
"Rekord-53M" model 1955 by Berdsk Radio Works (III).


"Ogonyok". Model 1953. Moscow "Krasny Oktyabr" Works.



"Strela"(I) and "Strela" radiogramophone (II). Model 1955. Voronezh Radio Works.


"Zarya". Model 1955. Moskow "Krasny Oktyabr" Works.



"VV-663". Model 1952. Tallinn "Punane RET" Radio Works (I). "VV-663-2" model 1954 (II).


"Riga-10". Model 1952. Riga Popov "Radiotechnika" Works.


"VEF-Accord" radiogramophone. Model 1954. Riga VEF Radio Works.


"Neva-52". Model 1952. Leningrad Metallic Works.


"Baltika-52".Model 1952. Riga VEF Radio Works.


"Ural-53" radiogramophone. Model 1953. Sarapoul Orjonikidze Radio Works.


Electromagnetic pick up - "Ural-52" (I). Piezoelectric pick up - "Ural-53" (II).


"Ural-57" radiogramophone. Model 1957. Sarapoul Orjonikidze Radio Works.


"Minsk-55". Model 1955. Minsk Radio Works.


"Kama" radiogramophone. Model 1953. Sarapoul Orjonikidze Radio Works.



"Daugava" radiogramophone. Model 1955. Riga Popov "Radiotechnika" Works (I).
The phono block is behind the dialing scale (II).



"Mir M-152". Model 1952. Riga VEF Radio Works (I). "Mir M-154" radiogramophone. Model 1954 (II).