43,6 K

The crystal and the headphones. Late 1920's. Leningrad "Krasnaya Zarya" Works.


35,2 K

"Record" loudspeaker. 1930's-40's.


35,2 K

"B-2" mechanical television (with "EChS-2" receiver). The first home-made TV-set. Model 1934 , Leningrad Kozitsky Works.


37,8 K

The unknown loudspeaker. 1940.


30,6 K

"Malyutka" loudspeaker. Model 1953. Leningrad "Krasnaya Zarya" Works.


30,6 K

"Chaika" loudspeaker. Model 1959.


16,9 K

"Baltika" loudspeaker. Model 1954. Leningrad Metallic Works.


22,5 K

Loudspeaker. Model 1958. Leningrad Radio Devices Works.


35,5 K

30A-230 loudspeaker. 1970's. Leningrad "Kinap" Works.


37,4 K

1A-20 horn driver with "alni" magnet. 1970's. Leningrad "Kinap" Works.


34,9 K

"PR-4V" boatanchor. 1940's.


46,5 K

TV "Rekord-B". Alexandrov Radio Works.


Micro circa 1950's


41,2 K

"MD-47" micro. Model 1962.


23,0 K

"MD-44" micro. Model 1964.


52,3 K

"Spidola". The first Soviet mass transistor radio. Model 1961. Riga VEF Radio Works.


58,7 K

Silver-mica capacitors (CC type). 1940's.


32,1 K

Plastic covered mica capacitors. 1930-1960's


26,8 K

Imported resistors and capacitors produced by "Siemens-Halske", "Dralowid", "Sator", "Foxohm" etc.


51,3 K

Home-made Cu rectifiers - the first among solid-state devices.
1SB type, 1946 (left); MKV4-1 type, 1963 (right).