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40,7 K

Soviet valves with 4v indirect heating. Early 1930's. The first valves for the AC power made in this country. Photo shows valves VO-166, SO-124 and UB-110 with direct heating. In particular, the "EKL-34" set worked on the valves of this series.


56,3 K

The European valves with a "spider" base. 4V indirect heating. End 1930's. Photo shows valves: AK2, AL4, AF3, ABC1, AZ1 made by the "Valvo" and "Telefunken.". It is interesting to note the screening caps used for such valves ("Tefag" chassis).


62,0 K

The radiotrones made by the American "RCA" corporation. Most of them had 6,3V indirect heating. Produced in 1930's. Photo shows tubes: 6A7, 75, 80, 6D6 from "RCA Victor 5T4" receiver. The valve 7G12S of a similar design was produced in the USSR.


55,1 K

The valves with a T-type base (8 pins). Left - the metallic valve EF14 made by "Telefunken G.m.b.H." for military purposes (WWII) with the inscription "Wehrmacht". Then follow the UCL11, EYY13 and the vacuum impulses counter N3 made by the "Dressler"


56,8 K

Octal (8 pins) valves of the metallic series. They have a directing spigot on the base. In the USSR their production started in 1937. Valves with 6,3V indirect heating were most widely used. Photo shows Soviet valves 6F6, 6A7, 6K3, 6G7, 6X6, 6L7. They were popular in the USSR till end 1950's.


56,2 K

Soviet mini-sized valves of the battery series. 2V direct heating, an octal base. Early 1940's. The outer conducting coating serves as a screen. Photo shows valves 2G2M, SO-243, 2K2M, SB-243. See "Rodina-47".


50,6 K

Soviet octal valves in the bottles. 6,3 (12,6)V indirect heating. Enjoyed a wide spread in the USSR somewhat later than metallic ones, often being their cheaper equivalents. Among them we can point out a group of valves with a high heating tension for series connection of the filaments in transformerless shemes (see "Rekord-47"). Photo shows valves 6P3, 6N7S, 5C3S, 6P6S, 6F5M, 6F6S, 6E5, horizontally - 30C6S.


69,0 K

Home-produced valves of higher durability with metallic rings over the bases:
30P1S, 6G7S, 6X6S, 6A10S, 6S2S, 6N8S, 5Z4S.


42,9 K

The valves produced abroad. Photo shows valves: 6F6 by the "Kentucky Radiotrones", EM34 by the "Philips" (a tuning indicator with two diametricaly set sectors), 5U4G by the "Sylvania Thorn Colour Television Laboratories Ltd.", 6X5 by the "Tung-Sol Electric Inc.", 6K7 by the "Kentucky Radiotrones", RGN1064 by the "Telefunken".


40,3 K

In mid 1950's the construction of the octal valves was modernized. With no more fastening of the holders of electrodes on the so-called "crest-pod" (left) a conciderable decrease of the valves sizes was made possible (right). On the photo: two different versions of the 5691 tube made by the RCA.


42,4 K

The glass analogs of the European metallic valves with outer screening coating. On the photo: 6SQ7 6SJ7.


64,3 K

Glass valves with Loctal base - 9 pins having a lock in a metallic spigot. 1940-50's. Photo shows the Soviet 4P1L valve (in the center). In particular, such valves were used in the "Philips 208U" radio.


45,1 K

Glass valves with the "Rimlock" base. 8 pins, diameter 18 mm. On the tube's glass base there is a direction "nose". Photo shows 6,3 V valves of indirect heating produced by the "Philips" taken from a "Philips 320A" receiver: ECH42, EBC41, EAF42, EL41, AZ41. Valves of such a design were not made in the USSR.


42,4 K

Valves with the Noval base with 9 or 7 (Heptal) pins, known in the USSR as "finger-shape" valves. Diameter 18 and 16 mm. A gap in the pins located by circumference served for direction while setting the tube. They gained a wide spread in the USSR from late 1950's as substitutes for octal valves and became the last series of tubes used in home radio devices.


42,4 K

Battery valves with the Heptal base. Have 1,1 (2,2) V direct heating. Home produced tubes are known from end 1940's and were installed both in table-top (the "Rodina-52") and portable battery powered radios. Photo shows valves: 2P1P, 1A2P, 1B2P, 1K1P, 2P2P.

49,3 K

The home-produced TV valves with the Magnoval base. Not used in R-sets. On the photo: 6D22S, 6P41S, GP-5, 6P45S, 6P42S.


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